Recumbent Cycles

You may have seen these crazy looking human-powered contraptions trekking across Australia or around the world in stability and comfort, whilst dragging all their worldly possessions with them; a tent, bedding, food etc. Recumbents are becoming more main stream, by both fitness fanatics and assisting those who wish to get back into fitness after misadventures such as injuries from sore elbows and shoulders or more serious health issues such as from a stroke, to spinal and brain injuries.

COMFORT is perhaps the main reason that most people start thinking about recumbent bikes. Be under no illusion, recumbents are comfortable. All the weight in a recumbent bike is on the large, comfortable seat, distributing your weight over a large area. There is little to no pressure on your wrists and arms, which is a good thing really, as there is less chance of stress related injuries occurring in the future.

Recumbents come in a variety of configurations from three wheels tourers and Rehab trikes to two wheel speed machines,


As Australia’s largest Recumbent dealer “Recumbent & Specialised Cycles”, has the largest range of recumbents to choose from, sourced from all over the world. Our staff can recommend and fit a recumbent to your requirements and ship nationwide. Outside of the recumbent community few people realize that recumbent cyclists hold almost every human alone powered machine speed record there is going

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