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Music Therapy Workshops – Click to book

Music helps the brain improve language, cognition, and motor control.

Music Therapy Workshops – Click to book

Location and time

10:30am (on the designated date) in the Main Hall, Narraweena Community Centre, 74 Oceana St, Narraweena.

What to expect

The interactive sessions comprise of volunteer musicians who tailor their music to the unique needs of the people within the group. The sessions include song, improvisation and sounds played on a variety of instruments.

Who conducts the workshops

A Sound Life conducts the workshops.  Their aim to share the healing power of music and yoga with people in need. Through music communities are created that transform and empower lives.

What the Research says

Research has shown that neurologic music therapy helps patients with language or cognitive difficulties and can improve movement in patients who have suffered a stroke*.

This is achieved because music also effectively simulates the areas of the brain involved in processing language, auditory perception, attention, memory, executive control, and motor control.

Music therapy also provides family and carers with an additional way to interact with a person who is minimally responsive.

Through the regular use of music therapy areas of the brain involved in learning, auditory and motor control can be helped to interact more efficiently.

The sessions are also very enjoyable and provide the basis to build new community groups.

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