How we help

How we help

Our activity based programs aim to simulate the brain, improve strength and build social connections in young people who have suffered and acquired brain injury.

Given the opportunity young brains have an amazing ability to recover.

We offer 3 programs

Cycle Hubs that allow even those with minimal leg use to push themselves around the tracks.

Group programs providing speech and brain training.

Sensory Gardens that offer rehabilitation through participation in a stimulating natural environment.

About Freshtracks

Fresh Tracks Foundation was started by the friends and family of Sam Carson, aged 26 who suffered an acquired brain injury (ABI) in October 2009.

When Sam left Rehab his family and extended support network had huge difficulties finding support to continue his recovery.  There was also the major difficulty of finding long-term care solutions. It was for this reason that they came together to form the Freshtracks Foundation to assist Sam and other young Australians, who face similar challenges.

Our Vision

To work with young people across Australia who have suffered an acquired brain injury. By providing easy access to facilities and programs we aim to provide them with the opportunity to maximise their recovery.

Why Support us

Freshtracks is small charity that works with Royal Rehab, support organisations, businesses, community groups and local councils to ensure resources are not duplicated and the effectiveness of every dollar spent is maximised.

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Contact us

Post: PO Box 170 St Ives NSW 2075
ABN: 49 197 492 992