Group Programs

Group Programs

Freshtracks offers group therapy and training programs that focus upon brain training and speech therapy

Given the opportunity young brains have an amazing ability to recover.

How it works

At various times throughout the year Freshtracks runs the 8 to 12 week courses, for up to 6 participants.

The courses take into account the special needs of each individual. In addition to the two hour weekly sessions, homework is provided to maximise the effectiveness of the sessions.

Speech therapy

The speech training covers functional communication, breathing, voice, resonance, articlulation and presentation skills.

At each session participants are trained in a new skill. The skills covered each week are then reviewed and incorporated into the following session. At the conclusion of the course each participant performs a presentation. The topic, complexity and planning of the final presentation is addressed throughout the course and tailored to the individual’s abilities.

Brain Training

These twelve week course provides a range of physical and cognitive exercises.

Physical exercises include cardiovascular and resistive exercises where each participant is carefully monitored and supported to ensure they are working within their target heart rate zone. Cognitive exercises are designed for each individual‘s cognitive skill level to be challenging but achievable.

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