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My interest in cycling started after trying a three-wheeler bike at the Return 2 Sport Expo at Homebush in October 2014.  I really got a buzz for cycling that day and wanted to do more of it.  I was invited along to participate when a community group by the name of DARTS decided to transport some riders to St Ives on a Friday afternoon.

Freshtracks has a number of different styles of bikes which are adjusted to suit people’s physical abilities.  Most riders use a recumbent three-wheeled bike and pedal with their legs.  This sort of bike did not suit my physical capabilities as I don’t have good leg control.  I found the hand cycle worked more successfully  for me.  So instead of pedalling with my feet, I am able to use my arms to cycle along.  My feet rest on the pedals while my arms do the rotating actions.  I was amazed at how much fun it was and blown away by the fact that I could ride a bike again after many years of downtime.  I used to ride a push-bike on trainer wheels as a teenager.

I love getting out in the fresh air, riding around a sealed circular track with hilly ups and downs on the edge of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park for about four to six laps each session.  The fellas often do more laps than this.  It’s a great way to get some regular exercise, build up your strength and stay fit.  All the riders go around in pairs or in small groups so we are able look out for one another and help should anyone get into difficulty.  Our supervisors are very safety conscious, and helmets are compulsory for head protection.  We don’t ride in wet or stormy weather.  Occasionally riding sessions are cancelled at short notice.

We have a friendly group of people who enjoy riding around on the track together and travelling to and from St Ives HARTS Driving School on the DARTS bus.

Thanks to the Royal Rehab guys who supervise Freshtracks.  They are very encouraging and help everyone to achieve their best outcome.  I would like to say to anyone who has an interest in cycling or want to try a new sport, this activity could be for you.  I have found the Royal Rehab program to be very good at meeting individual needs.  You only need do as much riding as you feel comfortable with doing.  Hope to see you out on the track!

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