4 Tips To Help You Recover From A Cycling Injury

Cycling is a great form of exercise that is enjoyed by people all over the globe. Not only is it fun, it can also have a positive effect on the environment as people may use cycle to commute to work, rather than a car or public transport. A good site to visit is https://www.16best.net/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-cycling/ to look at their infographic “All You Need To Know About Cycling”

In terms of the effects that it has on the body, it can:

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Cut heart disease and cancer risk
  • Increase muscle strength and flexibility
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Strengthen bone and lung  health
  • Promote weight loss
  • Improve posture and coordination
  • Improve joint mobility, and much more.

Although cycling has an overall positive effect on the body when done regularly, as with all forms of exercise, there is always the risk of injury. If this occurs, then under no circumstances should you go back to training unless you get the green light from you doctor, as only she will really know what is best for your body.

Jumping back into training when you are not fully recovered could add additional stress, which means your body will have less energy to heal.

  1. Rest – Although it can be annoying for an enthusiastic cyclist, one of the best ways to recover after an injury is to rest. It is essential for the recovery process as it allows for the cells to heal, and become stronger and thicker. If you don’t allow for this rest period, then the weakened cells will become even weaker.
  2. Self-care – Simple steps at home can often help after a bike injury. For example, using common painkillers like Ibuprofen will not only reduce the pain that you are in, but will also reduce the inflammation caused by the injury. Often effective is using a regular ice pack to reduce swelling, and you can reduce muscle tightness by simply using a foam roller.
  3. Physio – If you are in a lot of pain then it might be worth seeking the help of a professional physiotherapist, as they will be able to pinpoint the location of your discomfort and then help to eliminate the pain. Even when you are not with them, they should be able to give you some specific exercises to do at home that can help with the injury recovery.
  4. Go slow – the minute that you start to feel better, you might be tempted to jump straight on your bike and continue at the same level that you were at before the injury. This is never a good idea. You should assess how your body is feeling during the ride, and then again after the ride, and then start to build up gradually from there. Make sure that, while you are cycling, you are taking regular breaks and are drinking lots of water to ease your muscles into the exercise one step at a time.

Getting an injury from the sport you love will never be fun, especially if you are in the process of training, or need your bike as a form of transport. If you follow these tips, get advice from a professional, and build things up slowly, chances are you will be back on saddle in no time.

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Josh Wardini

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