Steve’s Story

Freshtracks as a registered charity is helping to collect donations specifically for Steve’s rehabilitation. Donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Steve’s Story

Steve is a very charismatic personality, that everybody loves and enjoys to share their time with. Every winter on saturdays this was Steve’s one day of the week where he did the 1 thing he loved the most – playing rugby with his mates. Saturday 28 Apr 2012, was  no different, a normal day of rugby! Steve came off the field taking a knock to his nose that rattled him enough to come off for a rest. Steve did go back out and play feeling ok within himself. Playing for over 13yrs Steve knew his mental and physical limits within this sport.


Later that night Steve would go out with friends and family to celebrate what would be his 25th bday the very next day, Sunday 29 April. The evening was a fun and energetic time bouncing from local bars to dance floors and eventually making it home after a long night to continue his festivities with a handful of family members. As night rolled into morning and Steve realised his ability to drink anymore was coming to an end, he took himself off to the bathroom where he would later be found passed out on the tiles. Awoken by his sister who noticed he was incoherent (assumed by too many bday drinks) gave him plenty of water to drink before moving him to the comfort of the couch to rest off his evening.


Sadly Steve didn’t wake up again on his bday Sunday. Steve had vomited in his sleep closing off his airways. He suffocated his brain and lungs of oxygen by obstruction to his airways. Although his family did give him 1st Aid, he was revived by paramedics who stabilised him to get him to hospital, where he was put in an induced coma for 3 weeks.


In this time his family learnt from Neurologists, ICU doctors and specialists that a number of factors in Steves ‘normal’ saturday could have lead to the severity of his accident. A possible concussion from the knock to his nose at rugby and dehydration – caused by not enough water and electrolytes in his body at rugby and by alcohol later in the night, meant that Steve should not have been out celebrating his bday. These 2 things combined required rest and stability. A later recognisable bump to his head believed to have been acquired from his fall in the bathroom could have caused further damage and concussion. Hence by the time he was laid to rest his brain and body were not able to respond to his bodies need to clear his airways properly.


Unfortunately no-one can be certain how long Steve’s brain was starved of oxygen. Brain injuries happen to many people of all ages, in different ways. No single brain injury is the same as the next. Everyones recovery and their capacity to recover is very individual. Since awaking from his coma, recovery has been a long adventure of highs, lows, quick fixes, delays, time, energy, care and mostly support. From the ICU ward of Manly hospital, to Royal ryde rehab clinic and moving home the need to give Steve the right age appropriate care, future living conditions and support is paramount for our family. Therapy on a weekly basis consists of fitness training, speech therapy, computer brain training, occupational therapy and functional neurology. The support of annual private fundraising events and places like FreshTracks give Steve and his family hope that one day he may be able to live an independent and youthful life for himself again.


The charismatic personality of Steve that everyone loves shines on a daily basis. We are grateful for Freshtracks and their efforts to give back to our brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, parents who are on their recovery journey.


From Steve’s biggest fan, his sister Kelly x

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