Sam’s Story

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Sam’s Story

Sam was a typical teenager who loved playing Rugby and body surfing. Finishing school at Barker College in 2007 he spent the next couple of years travelling and in casual jobs.  By 2010 Sam had decided to study Media and Music at university and was due to start in July.

Things however started to go wrong in April 2010 when Sam ate a regular garden slug, while at a mates place in Wahroonga.  The next day he was feeling unwell and spent the weekend complaining of sore legs and being unable to sleep.

It was initially thought Sam had picked up a virus but by Tuesday the leg pain was so intense he was rushed to Hornsby hospital. Over the next 12 days Sam’s condition continued to deteriorate until after the 5th lumber puncture it was found he had “Rat Lung worm”, a parasite picked up from a regular garden slug.

After his diagnosis Sam’s condition began to improve but then suddenly worsened and he lapsed into a coma.

Sam spent the next 446 days unconscious in intensive care at Royal North Shore Hospital.  Sam awoke in December 2011 and on the 29th Feb 2012, moved to Royal Rehab at Ryde. There are now plans for Sam to finally come home in June 2013.

The last 3 years has been very hard for both his family and friends.  There is so little know about this type of illness that affects the brain. Some of Sam’s treatment has been experimental, some guess work and some from a medical paper published in 1946 from Taiwan.

We do not know what Sam’s prognosis will be but the doctors believe he should continue to improve for the next two years.  Some of the doctors say he will get there, we just do not know.  We just know it is going to be a VERY LONG and VERY SLOW recovery.

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