Paul’s Story


Freshtracks as a registered charity is helping to collect donations specifically for Paul’s rehabilitation. Donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Paul’s Story

Barker old boy, Paul Isaacs was 22 when he suffered a fractured skull as a result of a car accident while on a skiing holiday in New Zealand. On a day of extreme winds, Paul was the passenger in a car that veered onto the gravel shoulder where upon the car skidded and overturned. Eventually arriving at hospital 8 hours later Paul was operated on for his head injuries.

In the weeks following the accident the shock to his head caused a build up of pressure on the brain that made breathing very difficult. After passing this initial hurdle Paul was transferred back to Australia where he spent the next four months in Royal North Shore Hospital in-and-out of intensive care. Then onto the Ryde Royal Rehabilitation Centre to begin his rehabilitation.

More than 12 months after the accident he returned home to Lindfield. A marvellous team of volunteers were then assembled who worked tirelessly with Paul to help at his home over the next 4 years. Primarily however he was looked after by his parents, Lyn and Kev, for the next 10 years until the physical demands of continual and ongoing care became too much.

Lyn and Kev were faced with the problem that there were no facilities in Sydney that could accommodate a young person requiring 24 hour care. As a compromise in 2002 Paul took up residence at Wescott Aged Care Facility in Stockton (near Newcastle).

It took another 10 years of living in an aged care facility before an opportunity arose in 2012 (through the Young People in Residential Aged Care program) to live in the age appropriate residential care facility called Weemala. Weemala had just been constructed on the Ryde Rehabilitation Centre site and is a wonderful facility that offers accommodation and rehabilitation facilities for young people.

From the time Paul started living at “Weemala” his physical and mental improvement has been considerable. He is still wheelchair bound but has a goal to walk which is keenly supported by the on-site rehab team.

We want to thank Freshtrack so very much for their support in providing $2000 to buy the GRAFO carbon fibre ankle and foot brace. This foot brace now makes Paul’s dream of walking again a real possibility.

So many years after the accident Paul now considers he is really “home”. At Weemala he is so happy to be close to his parents, sister, other family and friends who visit him regularly. From Paul’s point of view “all’s good”.

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