Lindfield Rotary Fun Run – Sun 3rd April 2016

The 21st  Lindfield Rotary Fun Run 2016 will be held on Sunday 3rd April 2016 at Roseville Oval. 

Last year Lindfield Rotary Fun Run supported Freshtracks with a donation of $4000 raised from the run.  This wonderful donation enabled us to purchase a new recumbent bike for the Freshtracks Cycle Hub.  It was a great event with Kevin Luu receiving the cheque on behalf of Freshtracks, along with Steve Trower.  Kevin, who has been recovering from a brain injury also ran the full 5km.

There were several thousand people participating and our friends from Norths Rugby came along to support us.   If you are free on Sunday morning it is well worth coming down to run or walk the 5 or 10km track.

How far:  5km run/walk or a 10km run

Time: 5km event starts at 8:00am and the 10km run starts at 8:15am.




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