Kevin’s Story

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Kevin’s Story

Prior to his accident, Kevin was a regular 20 year old. He was studying Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney, juggled two jobs (teaching kids how to swim and selling bicycles at a local retail store), was half way through an internship with the Sydney University Rugby Club, and managed to squeeze in friends, a loving girlfriend and a passion for road cycling in between!

On Mother’s Day in 2012, everything changed. Whilst completing his usual morning ride along Bobbin Head Road, Kevin hit a pothole and came off his bike, sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury.

He had been doing everything right – he wore a helmet, had his bike regularly serviced, rode with a friend, made sure conditions were good and the two weren’t going particularly fast. Kev was just in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Kev was treated at Royal North Shore Hospital where he was put in a medically induced coma for approximately a month and underwent several life-saving surgeries. From there Kev began his road to recovery at the Ryde Royal Rehab Centre, and was initially doing well until a nasty infection near his brain caused him to deteriorate significantly. By the end of 2012 Kevin was unable to speak, had no working memory, was unable to eat, needed to use an electric wheelchair and required 24/7 care.

Thankfully with the support of his family, and through extensive therapy and a second cranioplasty surgery, things began to pick up in mid 2013. He emerged from post-traumatic amnesia, begun collecting and forming new memories and started to relearn everything that had been lost to him. After a year‘s worth of intensive therapy, Kevin has gone from being completely dependent on his family, to being independent for all activities of daily living – a major feat for any TBI survivor.

With continued support and a huge amount of effort, 2015 saw Kev achieve milestone after milestone. Highlights include completing a Certificate III in Fitness at TAFE, traveling overseas with his long-term girlfriend, Robyn, and running a half marathon! Kevin has even returned to the Royal Rehab Centre as a volunteer to assist the physiotherapy team run a high mobility group (the very same class that got Kev back up on his feet and running).

Despite some medical setbacks, Kev plans to continue with his forward momentum and is determined to return to his Exercise Physiology degree this year, and to find employment within the fitness industry. So 2016 is guaranteed to be yet another busy year!

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