Individual Support

Individual support

Fundraising pages are setup to allow donations to be made to help specific individuals with their ongoing rehabilitation.

Given the opportunity young brains have an amazing ability to recover.

How it works

Families of those who have suffered a brain injury can contact Freshtracks to have a fundraising page setup.

The money raised is tax deductible and will be held by Freshtracks to pay for their continued rehabilitation needs.

How it works

When an brain injury occurs through an unexpected event it impacts upon the whole family. At this time family and friends want to help but are not sure how.

One way people can provide support is through giving a donation for ongoing rehabilitation expenses. By using Freshtrack’s charity status donations are fully tax deductible.

To help families at this time Freshtracks offers a service where funds can be collected on behalf of an individual. These funds are then held in trust and used specifically for the purpose of that individual’s ongoing rehabilitation.

How people can make a donation

The individual’s story is added to the “Stories” page found in the above navigation bar. By clicking on the relevant photos it takes you to the individual’s story. If the person desires us to collect money for their rehabilitation needs then a green SUPPORT button appears. This button then takes a supporter through to their specific donation page.

Costs involved

To supply this service of collecting and managing the funds a small fee of 7% is applied to assist Freshtracks with their administration needs.

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