Emilie’s Story

Freshtracks as a registered charity is helping to collect donations specifically for Emilie’s rehabilitation. Donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Emilie’s Story

At 22 years old I had moved out of the family home in Sydney and headed for Melbourne.  Things were going really well. I had made some good friends, was working locally and was living in a home with a beautiful little garden.

At the time of my stroke I was out in my garden talking to a friend. I usually talk extremely fast so when my friend complained that I was mumbling I didn’t think much of it. But when I repeated what I said it came out even more slurred.  I tried drinking some water but couldn’t get my mouth to swallow. My friend said ‘Ok, your scaring me, something is wrong with you’.

I don’t know why but I just started to laugh.

We went inside and I was too embarrassed to talk, so I wrote it down. My friend couldn’t understand what I was writing.  It was then that my dad and friend rushed me to the doctor. By this time, I was laughing hysterically.

At the doctor’s, my vision started to blur. Then I passed out.

Waking 10 days later I was in ICU wondering, what had happened? All my friends and family had come down from Sydney to visit me, as well as my friends from Melbourne. I was thinking ‘Oh my goodness, something really bad must have happened to me’. It turned out, that I had suffered a hemorrhagic to the left side of my brain.

I could not talk and was only able to communicate by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down with my left hand. I cried thinking ‘why me?’.

Weeks later I took my first steps and mumbled a few words. It was so exciting because we now knew I would talk again. I was so happy and I was so grateful to my mum, family and friends for their daily visits. It was such an emotional time.

Leaving hospital after 6 weeks I was moved into outpatient rehab where I learnt to say my first proper words…yes & no and it just got better from there. My walking got stronger, and I began eating solid foods.  After another 6 weeks I moved back to Sydney with my family so they could look after me.

Continuing my rehab in Sydney my speech got better and my walking improved. But I still could not move my right arm or hand. I was feeling very dishearten because there seemed be very little hope for my hand.  The physiotherapists at the ‘Advanced Rehab Center’ suggested a new treatment using a device call a Seabo glove but it was expensive.

Thankfully Fresh Tracks was able to help. They funded my therapy and also bought the Seabo glove which is worth $2500. I am so grateful to Fresh Tracks and can’t thank them enough. Without their funding, my right hand wouldn’t have got much better . The Seabo glove helps by prompting the damaged part of my brain to move my right hand and I am now able to pick up simple things like, a tennis ball. Its limited but there’s hope.

If I could say one thing to people who have had a stroke it would be, don’t give up! Keep working hard and even if you don’t see improvements, you will feel so much better knowing that you are helping your body fight to recover. And who knows, you just might surprised yourself.

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