Cycle Hubs

Cycle Hubs

Riding on recumbent bikes builds strength, stimulates the brain and most importantly, a chance to meet with others.

Given the opportunity young brains have an amazing ability to recover.

How it works

Riders are first assessed by specialists from Royal Rehab Return2Sport program.

Once accessed riders can join our supervised group riding sessions, which occur twice a week.

To register for an assessment

To book an assessment call Seb on (02) 9808 9353 or email him on

Cycle Hubs

St Ives hub is located at H.A.R.T (Honda Australia Rider Training) 451 Mona Vale Road St. Ives NSW 2075 (Opposite St Ives Showground).  The second Hub is at Newington Armory Jamieson St Olympic Park.

Session times at HART: Tuesday 3:30-5pm and Friday 2-4pm and Newington: Monday 1-4pm and Thursday 1-4pm.

Getting to the Hub

We work closely with the Disabled Alternative Road Travel Service (DARTS) which provides door-to-door transport to and from a the St Ives Cycle Hub.


Riding a bike can be a great form of exercise but it is far more than this for people with an acquired brain injury. As well as being fun, using the bikes helps:

  • Improve strength and endurance
  • Cognitive development through spatial awareness
  • Socially by providing opportunities to meet and build relationships with others. The Hubs can also provide a meaningful pursuit where paid employment is not a possibility.

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Contact us

Post: PO Box 170 St Ives NSW 2075
ABN: 49 197 492 992